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Final for P.E - Earthquake Emergency Kit

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  It's always an important thing to be prepared for any type of emergency mainly if an earthquake ever were to strike. My family and I got together to plan out what we were going to make our earthquake kit be about. First of all, I read to them a printed sheet about how to make an earthquake kit for the family to help them understand better what was the purpose of doing all of this together. I have four family members plus including me, two parents and two sister's. It was great how we all came together and worked as a team to get us prepared.

  After all, we decided that we were going to end up meeting at my grandma's house because she lives closed by. But for the meantime we decided to keep our emergency kit at a corner next to our front door. We have a pack of water bottles and a pack of toilet paper included. Also we have a bucket filled with things like : alcohol and dioxide for the cure of any injury, flashlight, battery's, food containers like tuna and tomato  sauce for soup, light bulb's, bag's of rice, and can opener's. And as well we included a bag of clothes for extra's if we have the need to change. Inside the bag there is a small radio with new battery's included, two boxes of cereal, and a bag of medicine, pills, and bandages. My mom said she was going to keep it updated with new stuff to include like more water bottles and food containers for example every two to four weeks a month. We might of needed more things but as long as my mom keep's it updated how she said we are good to go for incase of an emergency.

  After organizing everything together my mom showed me how to turn off any fire. Also she handed me a small book of contacts where she keeps addresses and phone numbers of any family member. I might not be with any of my family member's incase of an emergency so that is why she showed and taught me some extra stuff since im the oldest and im supposed to know already how to react. It also feel's great knowing what stuff who have already prepared for incase an earthquake ever strikes.