Artifacts from 2012-13

On this page you will find examples of my best work within the subject areas and courses I completed during 2012-13 school year.


This is my science project I had for one of my final's. The whole topic in my project was if eggs could actually float in salt water. It was an experiment that we had to prove to our teacher and everyone else that eggs are used in salt water to float. I worked with three other people in this project so it was a team. Two of us were in charge to bring eggs and the other two were in charge to bring salt. The other supplies needed were already supplied for us in class. Our hypothesis for this experiment was : What if eggs could float in salt water without any other substances? But, first what we had to do before even having this experiment, my team members and I wanted to work on we had to do research on experiments that were already made by other people but us having to make a similar one in a different way. For example having to use other different supplies. Then we reached up to this idea which we all decided to work on and it turned out to be great. It was great working on this project with my team members. We all helped eachother to get this done into an excellent project. Im glad we satisfied my science teacher, Mrs.Ponferrada. 


Drugs Cause Harm

This is like an open book that you read about. Which the topic here is about drugs and other steroids. I did mine on how bad alcohol could be to your health. I included the bad factors about it which was information such as what causes and consequesnces do you have when you drink and become and alcoholic. As well I included the treatments for it if you may abuse it too much. This was an interesting project to do because you get to learn about the bad causes alcohol brings to people if they abuse it.


This assignment was based on steroids that causes harm to people if they abuse it. I did mine on Crystal Meth and Heroin which bring to a person really high and dangerous consequences. Crystal Meth changes the way you look so much because your face changes into having it either full of alot of acne or red eyes. It may cause body fractures to happen for example by giving you cancer. Heroin is like an injection with liquid in it that goes right into your veins. This will cause the person consequesnces because it causes a type of cancer as well. You wouldn't like to be involve with these drugs especially by abusing it.


This is my obituary that I wrote for my English class. We had already covered the topic about writing paper's with someone's biography or something similar to an obituary. We even read newspaper's with someone's obituary in it so we could get an idea in how to write our own. My obituary was about how I died and some facts about my personal background. The purpose of making this was to actually learn something new that will benefit us in the future. Obituary's are great use because it's like you're writing about someone that you actually loved or admired for example. You get to put that special someone into newspapers, articles, magazines, and more to publish it. What helped me into making an obituary of my own which I satisfied myself was looking up for research and rewriting it with no errors so it could sound like a great paper.

The Titanic
This assignment was based on a presentation for The Titanic which was for its sinking and other type of information. We did this presentation for my English class because we started to learn about historic events and people. So that's why I decided to do my presentation about The Titanic. Also, I researched so many information for this presentation in order to make it into a really interesting historic event that occured which impacted so many people. 

The Giver

One of the first books that we read about was The Giver by Lois Lowry.  At the beginning of the novel, Jonas is a young boy who is nervous about the Ceremony of Twelve, when he will receive the Assignment, or job, that he will spend the rest of his life doing. Jonas is the main character of the story. This book was interesting even though it wasn't full of pictures. This book took us a while to finish reading because we paused for every chapter to talk about it since my English teacher liked for us to comprehend the story. We had many assignments and tests/quizes along with the book. The essay I wrote about was based on the book basically similar to a summary but into my own words to see where my knowledge was at. Also my essay was based on the main characters int he story.


This paper is the preparation for my algebra 1 final. And this is very important because I'm reviewing what I have already learned but for me to not forget and do extra good in the final. Its alwasy good to have backup for studying when you have a test, quiz, final, etc. because that way you get to examine yourself with what you already know from it. This algebra 1 review covers everything that we have learned from the first and second semester. If I didn't understood something that either came from the first semester i actually pay extra close attention because I dont like to miss on important facts that I need to be aware of for the final. My algebra 1 class and I had several more papers similar to this one, so we kept on reviewing and reviewing. 


For this class this was one of the biggest assignments we had because the rest was just by doing along with your teacher's help. This assignment was different because it was a word problem and you had to put alot of work into it. You also need to follow alot of steps in order for you to get the correct answer. Sometimes it may be difficult but by focusing on it you will do just fine. By helping the teacher knowing if you understand this assignment you always needed to explain it in your own words. After that it just follows the rest of the steps.


Beyonce Knowles performed in competitions since she was a child. Knowles was educated at St. Mary's Elementary School which was in Fredericksburg, Texas, she enrolled in dance classes. Also she performed  dancing on the talent show circuit in Houston. Beyonce performed in many of her songs which it started by her dance instructor began humming a song and she finished it, hitting the high-pitched notes. Beyonce is one of the most amazingest and greatest dancer because she has so many dancing skills. She recorded her music along with her dancing skills.


My Dream House

This assignment was based on my sketch up skills by showing how much did I learned by building my own parts and putting in the past sketch up work I've done for the days before doing this assignment. I think I could've done better into building this dream house I picture myself in because the parts needed to be more organized by my point of view. But rather than that I showed a lot of improvement.

Sketch Up Group Project

This was a group assignment was by building a desk organizer which was by each group individually doing their own part. Also you needed to label each part with measurements as you can see in the picture. This assignment was part of sketch up too.


This was when I started my prezi assignment with one more member in the class. This assignment was about getting a picture and zooming it in closer and closer by showing a story going along with the picture you showed. So its very similar to Windows Movie Maker because its just slides and words you need to add into every part in the picture that you zoomed in. The topic I picked for this assignment was on how to make your own story which has to do with my English class.

My Story Board

This assignment was based on my uncle's death which was first put into slides by basically planning everything out into making it into my own story. Every slide i added into my planning document for my story was a picture along with it. So it was just brainstorming different facts for each slide.This turned out to be like my own movie maker because i placed my own voice into it which I told my story.

Typing Web

This was one of the first assignments when i first started my semester in my computer class. Typing Web was to help us learn how to type faster without having to look at the keyboard in order to accomplish in not making any mistakes while not looking. In Typing Web not everyone was in the same position. Like meaning that not everyone was on the same course because alot of us typed faster than other's. We had to get passed through courses in order to know our skill level. This really helped me because throughout the whole year I spent in this class I would notice that I would get better at typing. 

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