Furniture Drawings - Chairs 22st - 26th

              Chair #1

           Chair #2

                Chair #3

Design Challenge

Team Name: The Cupcakes

Team Members: Alexa Galvan, Kimberly Sotelo, Esmeralda Gonzalez, and Isabel Alvarez


Object Name

 Our object's name is "Desk Organizer" which can hold/contain many supplies and it also has three drawers in the bottom that also contains a place for your i-pad and phone.

The problem while working on this together as a group was that since the beginning everything went wrong because we didnt had the right meaurements, it just didnt make sence. But we solved the problem by paying a better close attention and cooperating with everybody as well.  

Decision Matrix Document 

Design Team Challenge 

The Cupcake's Design Process


Seperate Parts of Desk Organizer

Description: This is the proccess I had at the beginning of Sketch Up. I had to create 3 different chair's, exactly how they are shown here. Also, I had to create a table after compleating sketching the chairs. As you can see, I did a better job at creating the table than the chair even though its not completed yet. This new application started to be difficult to me at first because I didn't even know that Sketch Up existed. Overall, Sketch Up comes really handy for me, its a great application even though at times it gets difficult for me.

                       Floor Plan Project

When I researched for floor plans i found this one which really caught my eye because I wanted my dream house to have a similar floor plan like this one. 

         Report and Reflection For The Animation Video

This floor plan was something that I actually enjoyed working on. I got creative and I liked the idea how we chose our own furniture for the dream house we were building our own in Sketch Up.But I think that we should of had more time in actually expressing ourselves creating this dream house as long with the classwork. A lot of my classmates were getting into the idea of just being really creative in this assignment and so did I. Overall this assignment was really fun working on and I hope we have more assignments similar to this one comming up.

This is a screenshot of my floor plan animation. As you can see there's furniture placed inside along with the meaurements I used which was equally the same. In this process I used many different tools to help it look like this because this was my idea of my dream house.

Design Team Project Fly-by Animation

This Fly-by Animation for the Design Team Challenge basically show's the measurements and the parts in my team's and I desk organizer. It goes through every single part of it showing that the meaurements are placed in the correct order.