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Below is a screencast recording of demonstration presentation of an Android App that I Invented.

Reviewing other people's work affected my own work because it made me realize and see that some of their outline's and screencast's was much better done than mine. It made me look back to my outline and my screencast thinking to myself what could've I done better to improve them. Also one of the review's I was doing from the 3 rubics made me think to myself that they could've actually done a better work than what I did because it was missing much more information than what I was missing. But overall I managed to actually stay focused at reviewing their outline and screencast's and to take the recommendations and comments I was giving to them for myself as well so I could improve at it myself.

 Narration Outline - Link 
  Students Review For My Work : 
  Review from Student #1 Evelyn Leal (Programming Page)
 Review from Student #2 Jennifer Castaneda (Programming Page)
 Review from Student #3 Diego Nevarez (Programming Page)

My Reviews (Rubrics you completed for other Students 

 Rubric #1 for Yolanda Gonzalez  ( students Programming Page)
 Rubric #2 for Nolberto Fuentes ( students Programming Page)
 Rubric #3 for Amadis Ochoa ( students Programming Page)

 Example of my work : This is a screenshot of the blocks editor for my magic 8 ball.                                     

The image on the left is the Magic 8 Ball, which is from App Inventor for Android. It is used to tell your future.

This app that I created is similar to the app Paint Pot because I used the same picture which was the cat and I just changed the buttons by adding different colors to it. This is to show that I'm able to make my owm apps and that I understand the purpose of them. 

This is my QR Code Generator for my app. This code is available for your phone when you actually create your own app. 

This is one of the first app's that I created in App Inventor. And it is called "The Magical Wizard". As you can see I used blobks editor to help me organize my app. Tis app that I created is based on Magic 8 Ball.