Assignments & Projects

You will find links to my academic work from multiple courses on this page.

My Uncle's Death                 Created By:Alexa Galvan

This is my complete digital story . Hope you enjoyed watching and tell me what you think of it. Thanks for watching !

Team #2

1. Nestor Canas Rubric

2. Stephanie Cortes Rubric

3.Janet Sandoval Rubric

Voice Thread - Multimedia Presentation from the Cloud


Prezi Project - Team Collaboration 

Team Name_The Dream Killers__
Members_Alexa Galvan and Austin Pirir__
Link to Storyboard _

Link to Prezi _

Feedback group Number  & Members
Link to Prezi Group Presentation and Feedback_____
Link to Individual Assessment of Team Prezi _____

                             Go Animate Project

School by Alexa Galvan on GoAnimate

Video Maker - Powered by GoAnimate.

This GoAnimate was originally created to reenact a teacher giving a student named Julie the requirements to graduate highschool.